Photos by MARIO G. REYES

At precisely 2:46 p.m. on Sunday, the bell in the courtyard of Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple tolled in remembrance of the victims of last year’s 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan. Little Tokyo was a central gathering place to remember and reflect on the disasters that killed thousands and left thousands more homeless one year ago. More than 150 people attended the memorial service sponsored by the Los Angeles Buddhist Church Federation. Later that evening a candlelight service was held in front of the Japanese American National Museum. Above, Bishop Noriaki Ito of Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple offers a prayer during the vigil.

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  1. Dear Gwen Maranaka,

    and Mia Nakaji Monnier,

    I am from Southern Calif., North Hollywood. and I vistied
    East LA as well as West LA during my youth.

    The so-called “Little Tokyo” was a place I and my family
    visited often and regularly before and after WWII.
    I spend time in Manzanar and returned to North Hollywood.

    Rafu Shimpo was the media for human knowledge
    acquistion from various perspectives.

    H. Dick Yamashita