“Forged in Fire: The Saga of Hershey & Joe” presents a fresh perspective on the Korean War as experienced by two prisoners of war.

Vincent H. Okamoto’s detailed account transports readers to a Korea that few have experienced and even fewer have survived. Witness the friendship develop between two very different individuals faced with relentless wartime conditions. Based on a true story, Okamoto — himself a decorated Vietnam veteran — vividly details the horrors of war through the experience of surviving a death camp and the challenges of coming home to readjust to civilian life.

This is the seventh book published by Nikkei Writers Guild, a division of Japanese American Living Legacy.

The story of Hershey Miyamura and Joe Annello is a testament to tenacity, courage, friendship and faith.  Okamoto worked closely with the two to gain insight and perspective into their harrowing wartime account.  Their experiences and memories of the war illustrate how they challenged adversity to nurture a friendship that still thrives today.

The admiration between Okamoto and his subjects is mutual.

“Vince Okamoto is a brave soldier himself and he has my deepest appreciation for writing our story,” said Miyamura, a Medal of Honor recipient.

Annello added, “Vince Okamoto is a true hero who tells our story as only one who has been there and experienced the pains of war himself.”

Okamoto said, “I wanted to do this project because I have a great admiration for these men. Hershey and Joe exhibited perseverance, courage and commitment when death seemed a merciful escape.”

This book will be offered at an introductory price of $18 (includes tax) beginning July 4.  Pre-sale orders can be made on the Nikkei Writers Guild link on the JA Living Legacy website at www.jalivinglegacy.org.