Zenshuji Temple in Little Tokyo held its 54th Obon Carnival on July 9 and 10, featuring a variety of food and cultural activities. Everyone was invited to participate in the Bon Odori, which was held both nights. Some dancers also joined Nishi Hongwanji's Bon Odori later in the evening.
Members of Zendeko, Zenshuji's taiko group, showed off their drumming skills.
In the main hall, Obon services were held and tags inscribed with the names of family members who have passed away since the last Obon were hung from lanterns.
The food booths offered everything from tako (octopus) to tacos. Above, volunteers grill and chop ika (squid), tentacles and all. Other menu items included chicken teriyaki, tamales, won ton and Okinawan dango.
Tea ceremony demonstrations, with audience participation, were given all day. Everyone sampled the green tea (matcha) and small sweets (wagashi).
Youngsters construct paper animals at one of the crafts-for-kids tables.
Traditional Japanese dances were performed by Kikuta-Kai (above) and traditional Japanese music by Matsumae-Kai (below).

South Bay Shorinji Kempo, led by Master Ted Uekuma (pictured), collaborated with Zendeko on a martial arts demonstration. (Photos by J.K. Yamamoto/Rafu Shimpo)