Dear Sandy Sakamoto and JACCC Board Members:

While we had hoped for an explanation of how Greg Willis was selected and a review of the events of the past seven months, so that the same mistakes would not be made, we believe that it is important to move forward by involving the community in discussions about the future of the JACCC.

Many people have expressed a desire to support and help the JACCC but are finding it difficult to do so because the board has not given the community an assessment of where the center is at and how we can help.

We encourage the board to meet with the community to share an evaluation of the JACCC. This would be a good first step towards clearing the air and restoring trust.

We, too, believe that the center’s success depends on the community’s collective strength and would like to propose ways that the board can reengage the community.

We propose:
1) The board engage the community and concerned individuals in a series of community meetings to discuss a variety of topics about the future of the JACCC. These would include the criteria for the selection of the CEO/president, the vision and programs of the center, and funding issues as well as other topics of concern.
2) The topic of the first community meeting be the type of leadership needed for the JACCC at this time. We also suggest the nomination of community stakeholders for inclusion in the selection committee.
3) The formation of committees made up of board and community stakeholders to lead discussions on the vision, programs and funding issues.
4) These community meetings be scheduled over the next two months to provide Bill Watanabe, Debbie Ching and Keith Shiozaki some guidance and support.

As we said in our first letter, “we don’t have all the answers, but we do believe in the wisdom of our community and in the power of open communication” and hope that others will share their ideas.

Kathy Masaoka
Carrie Morita
Tony Osumi
Concerned Community Members

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  1. Well written and well stated. I agree that a community forum to assess the damage caused by Greg Willis is necessary; maybe there was none… Either way, the community should be made aware. Please take some action JACCC board.

  2. It is time to get off that high horse…

    Help us help you.

    “The mission of the JACCC is to present, perpetuate, transmit and promote Japanese and Japanese American arts and culture to diverse audiences, and to provide a center to enhance community programs.”

    We are waiting…

  3. Sandy,

    At this point, a further exchange of pleasantries is unnecessary. The statements of Robin H. and Kathy Masaoka et al. were quite succinct and comprehensible to even the densest of individuals. It is just disturbing to know that it has now been two weeks since your last statement. The very fact that Kathy Masaoka et al. have taken the initiative to implement change, while you have stood idly by doing absolutely nothing is EMBARRASSING . WHO ARE YOU?!

    Anyway, I look forward to being entertained by you soon.


  4. Maybe a Town hall meeting ? This would give us a chance to speak as a community , and would also give the ” JACCC’s reputation ” a break from all of the internet discussion ……temporarily at least !

    P.S. Sandy… Its only you that need be concerned with such words as “resignation” …….I love ya , but sorry , what they say occurred on your watch is unacceptable!