Greg Robinson (right), editor of “Pacific Citizens: Larry and Guyo Tajiri and Japanese American Journalism in the World War II Era,” spoke on Dec. 1 at the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo. The book is about a couple who became the central purveyors of news for and about Japanese Americans during the war, both inside and outside the camps. An associate professor of history at the University of Quebec, Montreal, and a columnist for The Nichi Bei Weekly in San Francisco, Robinson is the author of several books, including “A Tragedy of Democracy: Japanese Confinement in North America.” Robinson and former Pacific Citizen editor Harry Honda (left), who wrote the foreword for “Pacific Citizens,” are pictured with JANM volunteer Babe Karasawa. Robinson was assisted by another JANM volunteer, Ike Hatchimonji, while doing research for another book published this year, “After Camp: Portraits in Midcentury Japanese American Life and Politics.” (Photo by J.K. YAMAMOTO/Rafu Shimpo)

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