(M. Palma Photography)
(M. Palma Photography)

Cold Tofu Improv is back from summer vacation. Join them on Saturday, Sept. 13, at 7:30 p.m. for their monthly show with special guest performer Daniel Ho.

The venue is St. Francis Xavier Catholic Center (Maryknoll), 222 S. Hewitt St. (east of Alameda, between Second and Third streets) in Los Angeles.

This month sees the introduction of Cold Tofu’s “Iron Improv Stadium,” where two teams will battle it out for your laughter to become the protectors of the Tofy Award. You’ll get to see team Oh Geez (Quincy Surasmith, Tony Garbanzos and Ryan Okuda) defend their championship against challengers Crow Magnons (Jhemon Lee, Misa Nguyen, Johnny Long Ye and Kurt Yamamoto). They’ll go head-to-head and your vote determines who will win the coveted award.

Then continue the laughs with the regular performing cast: Denise Iketani, Helen Ota, Mike Palma, Mike Villanueva and Shannon Wong.

Reservations are not necessary. Admission is $7, which includes a raffle ticket. Free parking is available on the property.

Email ColdTofuImprov@gmail.com or go to www.coldtofu.com for more information.

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