pioneer1Nisei Week Foundation honored pioneers in the Japanese American community at a luncheon on Aug. 19. Nisei Week Pioneers are (seated, from left) Richard Fukuhara, George Nagata, Judy Inose-Jobes (representing Kay Inose), Toshio “Terry” Handa, Madame Matsumae Katsukiyo and Dave Yanai; (standing, from left) Terry Hara, Princess Michelle Hanabusa, Princess Camryn Sugita, First Princess Veronica Ota, Nisei Week Queen Sara Hutter, Miss Tomodachi Karen Mizoguchi, Princess Kelsey Kwong and Princess Tamara Teragawa. The luncheon came to a dramatic conclusion as the DoubleTree Hotel was temporarily evacuated due to a suspicious package found near the hotel’s Starbucks. Hotel guests were directed to leave the building and gather on Second and Los Angeles streets as the LAPD bomb unit investigated. Guests were allowed back into the hotel at approximately 2 p.m. (Photos by MARIO G. REYES/Rafu Shimpo)


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