Troop 764’s 2014-15 Eagle Scouts, from left: Jeremy Yoshioka, Cameron Kato, Tyson Amano, Justin Kunisaki, Justin Yamaguchi, Kyle Koshimizu.

Tyson Amano

Scouting Highlights: Tyson Masao Amano started his scouting career as a Tiger Cub with Venice Hongwanji’s Cub Scout Pack 79. As a Webelo at Camporee, Tyson and the Viper Den won the Camporee Rug for the best overall den. He earned the Arrow of Light, the highest award in Cub Scouting. He joined Troop 764 in 2006 and became a member of the Shark Patrol.

He has served as historian, scribe, den chief, assistant patrol leader, patrol leader, troop guide, troop instructor, and senior patrol leader. He received the Sangha Award, a religious study award in Buddhism that takes two years to complete. Some of his favorite times in the Boy Scouts were the patrol campouts and spending time with the rest of his patrol.

In December 2013, he led the troop in his Eagle project. The goal was to redesign and construct a new fence along the outside kitchen of Venice Hongwanji Buddhist Temple. He spent days completing technical drawings for the new fence with help from Joe Belli. On the day of the project, he led the scouts in tearing down the old fence, constructing and installing the new fence, and painting the entire length of the new fence to match the temple’s outdoor appearance.

Tyson became an Eagle Scout on May 10, 2014.

Accomplishments and Interests: Tyson graduated from Venice High School, where he ran track and cross country for three years. During his senior year, he attended the LAPD Cadet Academy and graduated in November 2013. He received a music scholarship for guitar in 2014 to attend the California State Summer School for the Arts, held on the CalArts campus in Valencia. His interests include drawing, and of course playing the guitar. He is currently a sophomore at Otis College of Art and Design, and is a digital media animation major.

Kyle Koshimizu

Scouting Highlights: Kyle Tadao Koshimizu’s scouting journey began when he joined Pack 79 as a Tiger Cub. He was awarded the Arrow of Light and bridged over to Troop 764 in 2007. He became a member of the Wolf Patrol. During his years with the troop, he served as historian, den chief, assistant patrol leader, patrol leader, troop guide, troop instructor, troop quartermaster, troop webmaster, and assistant senior patrol leader.

Kyle has enjoyed the various activities in Troop 764, but his fondest memories are the bonfire and fishing at Family Camp in Carlsbad, broomball at the Culver City Ice Rink, and the various camping and backpacking trips. Kyle was one of the few scouts to catch a golden trout at the Cottonwood backpacking trip.

On Aug. 30, 2014, Kyle completed his Eagle project at Venice Santa Monica Free Methodist Church. The project consisted of painting the cottage where various groups meet and organizing the storage closet in the main church. Kyle obtained Eagle rank on Nov. 14, 2014. He is very appreciative for the mentoring, guidance, and encouragement provided by Troop 764, Assistant Scoutmaster Todd Nakamoto, and Scoutmasters Scott Kubota and Mark Morimoto.

Accomplishments and Interests: Kyle graduated in 2014 from Venice High School, where he served as co-captain on the varsity tennis team and was active in the Christian Club. In July 2014, he went on a mission trip to Ghana with the youth group of Venice Santa Monica Free Methodist Church. He spent two weeks at the Mephilbosheth Training Center, a school for physically and mentally challenged children, where he helped to lead a Vacation Bible School program. He just completed his freshman year at California State University Long Beach.

Justin Kunisaki

Scouting Highlights: Justin Kenji Kunisaki began his scouting career as a Wolf Cub Scout in Pack 79 and earned his Arrow of Light in 2008. He then bridged over to Troop 764 and joined the Wolf Patrol. In Troop 764 he served many positions, including scribe, den chief, patrol leader, and senior patrol leader. His favorite activities included shotgun shooting and summer camp. He earned the rank of NRA expert from his enjoyable time target shooting at scouting events.

On June 29, 2014, Justin held his Eagle Project at the Venice Japanese Community Center. With the help of Troop 764’s generous families, scouts, alumni and friends, he was able to number every parking space at the VJCC with hopes to help fix the issues caused by tandem parking. Justin successfully completed his Eagle Board of Review on Dec. 11, 2014 and officially achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Justin is very thankful for all of the support and guidance given to him by Scoutmasters Kubota and Morimoto and Assistant Scoutmaster Nakamoto throughout his scouting career.

Accomplishments and Interests: In June, Justin graduated from Culver City High School. Throughout high school, he had been a part of many clubs such as MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement), badminton and ceramics. He is also an active member of Venice Hongwanji Buddhist Temple’s Jr. YBA, where he is currently the president. He plans to attend college to pursue a degree in business. He will keep all of his great experiences and memories from scouting for the years to come.

Cameron Kato

Scouting Highlights: Cameron Kato began his scouting career as a Tiger Cub in Pack 79 and earned his Arrow of Light before bridging into Troop 764. He joined the newly formed SPAZ Patrol and served in many positions, including librarian, historian, den chief, assistant patrol leader, patrol leader, troop guide, troop instructor, assistant senior patrol leader, and senior patrol leader.

As a patrol leader, he led his patrol to first place in their division at the 2012 Camporee. This is one of his fondest memories in scouting because of the determination, effort, and teamwork SPAZ Patrol displayed on that day and in the days past while training. Cameron along with his fellow Senior Patrol members won the Bull’s Head for No. 1 Patrol at the District Camporee Competition.

In September 2014, Cameron completed his Eagle Project at the Japanese Institute of Sawtelle. With the help of over 50 scout and adult volunteers, he painted the interior of the stage at the Institute and repaired a few push carts. On Jan. 8, 2015, hje became an official Eagle Scout. From scouting, Cameron has learned leadership, planning, and networking skills that he will continue to utilize in the future. Most importantly, though, he has made hilarious and heart-warming memories that he will always remember and has had the opportunity to bond with some pretty incredible people.

Accomplishments and Interests: Cameron graduated from Culver City High School, where he was highly involved. He was president of the Badminton Club, Business Club, and MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement) Club. He also founded the Young Scientists Club and served as president. Through MESA Club, Cameron went to USC to participate in numerous mathematics competitions, winning second place in a trigonometry competition his sophomore year and winning second place in a team calculus competition during his senior year.

He also participated in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s annual Invention Challenge, an engineering competition funded by NASA, and won second place as part of six-man team. In addition, Cameron was part of his school’s Peer Tutoring Program and helped to train incoming tutors.

Aside from school, Cameron is interested in martial arts and has received a black belt from the Lima Taekwondo Dojang and a brown belt from the Japanese Institute of Sawtelle Dojo. In the fall, he intends to pursue a degree in engineering, majoring in bioengineering, at UC Berkeley.

Jeremy Yoshioka

Scouting Highlights: Jeremy Yoshioka began his scouting career as a Tiger Scout in Pack 112 at Beethoven Elementary School. After becoming the first in his pack to achieve the Arrow of Light, he bridged over to Troop 764, where he joined Shark Patrol. He has served in many positions within the troop, including scribe, den chief, assistant patrol leader, patrol leader, troop guide, troop instructor, assistant senior patrol leader, and senior patrol leader.

His favorite activities have included summer camps and hiking to Cottonwood Lakes. Scouting has offered Jeremy many memories with his scouting buddies that he will cherish forever, from winning the Bull’s Head at Camporee to getting in trouble at summer camp.

Jeremy completed his Eagle Project on Dec. 13, 2014 at his old pre-school, where he renovated the play area by adding padding as well as giving the whole building a fresh coat of paint. He became an Eagle Scout on Feb. 12, 2015. Jeremy has thoroughly enjoyed his time in Troop 764 and will be forever grateful for the opportunities that the troop has provided him. The skills that he has gained participating in scouting will be put to good use and will serve him well in the years to come.

Accomplishments and Interests: Jeremy graduated with honors in June from Venice High School, where he was on the Oakgrove Council, leading weekend human relations retreats for his peers at school. He played volleyball for freshman and sophomore year, but gave it up so that he could spend more time skating. He has been featured in Venice’s literary magazine for his photography and received a scholarship from his elementary school. He plans to attend UC Santa Cruz in the fall, majoring in natural sciences.

Justin Yamaguchi

Scouting Highlights: Justin Charles Young-Kwang Yamaguchi began his scouting career with Pack 59 shortly after he moved to Los Angeles from St. Louis. He transferred to Pack 79, where he achieved the Arrow of Light award. He then bridged over into Troop 764’s Shark Patrol and participated in many events, his favorites being broomball, Family Camp in Carlsbad, and winning the Bull’s Head at Camporee. He held and completed all leadership positions in the troop.

On Jan. 17, 2015, Justin carried out his Eagle Project at West Los Angeles United Methodist Church, where he is a youth leader. The beautification and repair project included sanding and painting a wrought-iron fence surrounding the church’s parking lot and staining the long wooden fence of the Parsonage at the church. Thanks to all the support from his fellow scouts, alumni, scout parents, friends, and family, he was able to accumulate over 500 hours of combined community service.

Over his ten years as a scout, Justin has learned respect, discipline, and the importance of responsibility and delegation. He will value the friendships that he has made for the rest of his life and is proud to be a member of Troop 764’s elite group of Eagle Scouts.

Accomplishments and Interests: Along with Boy Scouts, Justin has been an active participant within his community. He joined the Venice Sharks in 2005 and played basketball until 2011. He coached younger children in both Sure Shots and Gym Ratz. He also pursued piano, performing in recitals and completing the 10-year Certificate of Merit program. In his church, he serves as a worship leader, a member of the Youth Praise Band, a counselor for Vacation Bible School, and president of the youth group.

In June 2013, Justin was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Ishinomaki, Japan on a mission trip to assist those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. he graduated from Venice High School with high honors. He was a member of the exclusive Jacket of Excellence Club, Junior Varsity Cross Country Team, Junior Varsity Basketball Team, and Varsity Volleyball Team.

With the experiences that he has been blessed to have as a young adult, Justin will pursue a degree in developmental psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle this fall. He has been awarded the Japanese American Citizens League Scholarship, West Los Angeles United Methodist Church’s Sawahata Scholarship, and the California-Pacific United Methodist Susanna Wesley Annual Conference Scholarship.

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