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The English-language version of Studio Ghibli’s “Only Yesterday,” which the late Roger Ebert called “a touching, melancholy meditation on life,” is now playing in U.S. theaters.

It’s 1982, and Taeko (Daisy Ridley) is 27 years old, unmarried, and has lived her whole life in Tokyo. She decides to visit her family in the countryside, and as the train travels through the night, memories flood back of her younger years: the first immature stirrings of romance, the onset of puberty, and the frustrations of math and boys.

At the station she is met by young farmer, Toshio (Dev Patel), and the encounters with him begin to reconnect her to forgotten longings. In lyrical switches between the present and the past, Taeko contemplates the arc of her life, and wonders if she has been true to the dreams of her childhood self.

Written and directed by Studio Ghibli co-founder and Academy Award nominee Isao Takahata (“The Tale of the Princess Kaguya”), “Only Yesterday” is a masterpiece of time and tone, rich with humor and stirring emotion, from one of the world’s most revered animation studios. Critically acclaimed but never before released in North America, the film is receiving a national theatrical release in celebration of its 25th anniversary.

The Japanese title is “Omoide Poroporo” and the original voice cast includes Miki Imai, Toshiro Yanagiba and Yoko Honna.

California theaters showing the film are as follows. Unless otherwise noted, theaters play the film for a minimum of one week.

Saturday, Feb. 26

Los Angeles — Landmark Nuart Theater, 11272 Santa Monica Blvd., (310) 473-8530,

Dubbed version at 1:15, 4:10, 7 p.m.; subtitled version at 9:45 p.m.

Irvine — Edwards University Town Center, 6, 4245 Campus Dr., (844) 462-7342,ext. 143,

Dubbed version at 1, 4, 7 p.m.; subtitled version at 9:50 p.m.

San Diego — Ken Cinema, 4061 Adams Ave. (in the heart of Kensington), (619) 283-3227,

Dubbed version at 4:30, 7 p.m.; subtitled version at 9:30 p.m.

Friday, March 4

Los Angeles — ArcLight Hollywood, 6360 Sunset Blvd., (323) 464-1478,

Dubbed version at 4:25, 7:50 p.m.; subtitled version at 10:30 p.m.

Pasadena — Laemmle Playhouse 7, 673 E. Colorado Blvd., (310) 478-3836,

Showtimes: 1:30, 4:20, 7:20, 10:10 p.m.

Santa Monica — Monica Film Center, 1332 2nd St., (310) 478-3836,

Showtimes: 1:40, 4:30, 7:20, 10:10 p.m.

San Diego — Hillcrest Cinemas, 3965 5th Ave. (Uptown District), (619) 298-2904,

Dubbed version at 1:45, 4:35, 7:20 p.m.; subtitled version at 9:55 p.m.

San Francisco — Embarcadero Center Cinema, One Embarcadero Center, Promenade Level, (415) 352-0835,

Dubbed version at 12, 2:30, 5, 7:35 p.m.; subtitled version at 10:10 p.m.

Berkeley — California Theatre, 2113 Kittredge St., (510) 848-0620,

Dubbed version at 1:45, 4:20, 7 p.m.; subtitled version at 9:35 p.m.

Palo Alto — Aquarius Theatre, 430 Emerson St. (by Stanford University), (650) 327-3241,

Dubbed version at 1:25, 4, 7:25 p.m.; subtitled version at 10 p.m.

San Jose — Camera 3 Cinema, 288 S. Second St., (408) 998-3300,

Friday, March 11

Santa Cruz — Nickelodeon Theatre, 210 Lincoln St., (831) 426-7500,

Santa Rosa — Summerfield Cinemas, 551 Summerfield Rd., (707) 525-8909,

Camarillo — Paseo Camarillo Cinemas, 390 N.Lantana St., (805) 383-2267,

For more information, visit the film’s Facebook page.

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