Nichi Bei Fujinkai held their annual luncheon on Nov. 3 at the official residence of Consul General Akira Chiba and his wife Yuko, who serves as honorary president of the organization.

Mrs. Chiba stated that the founding charter members could not have imagined in those early years the immeasurable impact of their vision which has continued to this day. The role of Nichi Bei Fujinkai has remained unchanged as members play active roles in promoting friendship and mutual understanding of Japanese and American culture.

The women’s group started in 1930 with 20 charter members of American and Japanese women who met to promote friendship and cultural understanding between the two countries.

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  1. Hello,
    I wanted to know if this is still in existence? I am a member of Neichibei Fujinkei in NYC. My daughter-in-law who is Japanese, just moved to Tokyo. My son is an American and will be attending Waseda University soon. I don’t see anything recent online. Would love to hear from someone receiving this email. Thanks so much. Oh, this may be a different society since I just noticed the spelling is Nechi Bei Fujinkai but the concept is the same, promoting Japanese American relations. If someone replies to this, please put something in the subject matter regarding NF so, I don’t delete by mistake.