Kathy Ishizuka and Rebecca Miller

NEW YORK — Kathy Ishizuka has been named editor-in-chief of School Library Journal, succeeding Rebecca Miller, who made the announcement in a Jan. 2 editorial:


I’m excited to share the news that Kathy Ishizuka, School Library Journal’s executive editor, has been named editor-in-chief of SLJ, starting Jan. 1. You are in good hands with her expertise and creative force.

As for me, I am stepping into the role of group publisher of SLJ, Library Journal, and The Horn Book. In our respective new roles, we will continue to collaborate to shape the future of SLJ together, and to help you thrive in your important work.

Ishizuka has been innovating at SLJ for years, having joined the staff in 2004 as the technology editor. She was promoted to executive editor of technology and digital projects and, in 2013, to executive editor.

Last year, she was named one of Folio’s Top Women in Media, and her 2018 cover story “Can Diverse Books Save Us?” won a Folio Eddie award. Those recognitions just tap at what she has been bringing for years to the library and education arenas as a thought leader in technology, a passionate ally of librarians, and an innovator in her own right.

In fact, her agility with building partnerships — one with ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education), which produced a rich webcast series for four years and counting — combined with her penchant for innovation has earned her a dual title and key new role here as partnerships & innovation director for SLJ and LJ. She will focus on deepening current partnerships and forging new ones while raising the bar on new initiatives across the board, in addition to her EIC responsibilities.

I’m eager to see what emerges as she explores new possibilities and advances the excellence of everything SLJ brings to you daily in print, on slj.com, and at our events, professional development offerings, and more.

It has been an extreme privilege to have been the EIC of SLJ since 2011. I am always impressed by the deep and powerful impact you have in your respective schools and communities, your initiative despite challenges, and your deep commitment to the kids and families that you serve. I will continue to stand with you as you strive to have that impact recognized, rewarded, and celebrated.

I can’t possibly recap all that I have learned from you and with you over the years, but you can trust that I will carry it all into my new role. I thank each and every one of you for your feedback, your stories, and your conversations. It has been fun and inspiring, and I look forward to more.

Happy New Year!

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