Following are results from local races in Los Angeles County with Asian Pacific American candidates.

City Councils

Pasadena City Councilmember Gene Masuda

Azusa Mayor — City Councilmember Robert Gonzales led with 55.53 percent (3,455), followed by school counselor-turned-café owner Jonny M. Liu with 25.17 percent (1,566) and San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District director Bruce Knoles with 19.30 percent (1,201). Longtime Mayor Joe Rocha is stepping down.

Cerritos City Council — In a nine-way race for three seats, the top three finishers were incumbent Jim Edwards with 19.37 percent (4,969), incumbent Naresh Solanki with 18.24 percent (4,678) and police officer Chuong Vo with 16.31 percent (4,182). Also running were administrator/educator/nurse Sophia Myauo Tse (15.97 percent, 4,095), businesswoman Jennifer Hong (12.71 percent, 3,261), business owner/financial educator Rocky Pavone (5.47 percent, 1,403), D.A. law clerk Chris Im (5.15 percent, 1,322), community volunteer Anna Titus (4.69 percent, 1,204) and businessman Rusty Liang Chiang (2.08 percent, 533).

Gardena City Council — Eight candidates competed for two seats. The top two finishers were incumbent Mark Henderson with 20.93 percent (3,010) and teacher Paulette Francis with 16.02 percent (2,305). Also running were business owner Roy Kim (15.14 percent (2,177), community leader/business owner Wanda Love (12.49 percent, 1,796), retired educator Rachel Johnson (12.27 percent, 1,764), deputy district attorney Ben Tarzynski (11.29 percent, 1,623), entrepreneur/philanthropist/designer Gina Lopez Alexander (8.98 percent, 1,291) and regional manager Ochuwa Oghie (2.88 percent, 414).

La Mirada City Council, District 3 — Incumbent Ed Eng had an overwhelming lead with 85.04 percent (1,512) to Realtor/tax preparer John Accornero’s 14.96 percent (266). Eng was first elected in 2015 and served as mayor in 2017-18. He was also regional president of The Los Angeles Times.

La Verne City Council — In a six-way race for two seats, the top two finishers were educator Rick Crosby with 26.67 percent (3,564) and risk manager/attorney Wendy Lau with 25.83 percent (3,452). Also running were business owner Keny Chang (22.02 percent, 2,942), retiree Wally Emory (15.92 percent, 2,127), community services specialist Jeremy Milici (6.38 percent, 85) and photographer/videographer Rich Gill (3.17 percent, 424).

Long Beach City Council, District 2 — The top finishers among seven candidates were small business owner Robert Fox with 27.90 percent (2,124) and small businesswoman Cindy Allen with 27.44 percent (2,089). Also running were Cal State Long Beach professor Eduardo Lara (18.97 percent, 1,444), mental health provider Jeanette Barrera (18.61 percent, 1,417), YouTuber Ryan Lum (2.43 percent, 185), school safety officer Jesus Cisneros (2.35 percent, 179) and accountant/entrepreneur Nigel Lifsey (2.31 percent, 176). The seat is being vacated by Jeannine Pearce.

Monterey Park City Council, District 2 — Former Merrill Lynch regional manager Yvonne Yiu was first with 29.91 percent (633), followed by Alhambra Unified School District board member Robert “Bob” Gin (24.43 percent, 517), public school teacher Jennifer Love Tang (23.68 percent, 501) and retiree Lorraine Martinez (21.98 percent, 465).

Monterey Park City Council, District 4 — Garvey School District board member Henry Lo led with 57.77 percent (1,035) to education administrator Leilani Morales’ 42.23 percent (489).

The issue of at-large vs. district elections has been a hot topic in Monterey Park, according to The Pasadena Star-News. Last April, the City Council voted 3-2, with Mayor Pro Tem Mitchell Ing and Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian opposed, to approve a district map and schedule the March 3 election for Districts 2, 3 and 4 and a 2022 election for Districts 1 and 5.

This meant that Ing and Real Sebastian, who live in those districts, would be unable to run for re-election in 2020. Their terms expire this year and they would have to wait until 2022 to run again.

An emergency ordinance that would have postponed all district elections until 2022, supported by Councilmember Stephen Lam, only received three of four votes needed to approve it, with Mayor Hans Liang and Councilmember Peter Chan opposed.

Pasadena City Council, District 4 — Incumbent Gene Masuda was far ahead with 59.34 percent (3,271), followed by businesswoman Charlotte “Char” Bland (18.72 percent, 1,032), small business owner Joe Baghdadlian (15.58 percent, 859) and professor/neighborhood Realtor Kevin Wheeler (6.35 percent, 350). Masuda was first elected in 2011 and re-elected in 2015. He is a retired business owner and former president of one of East Pasadena’s largest neighborhood associations.

San Gabriel City Council — In a six-way race for two seats, the top two finishers were incumbent John Harrington with 29.45 percent (2,387) and incumbent Juli Costanzo with 21.22 percent (1,720). Also running were businessman Tony Ding (19.78 percent, 1,603), civil engineer Anagh Mamdapurkar (12.76 percent, 1,034), educational administrator Paul Cole Padilla (11.39 percent, 923) and retired teacher A.J. Faure (5.39 percent, 437).

Torrance City Council, District 2 — The new district election system has resulted in two incumbents, George Chen and Geoff Rizzo, facing off in the same district. Chen was in first place with 57.29 percent (3,364) and Rizzo was second wth 42.71 percent (2,508). Chen, a retired program manager at Raytheon, was first elected in 2018, and Rizzo, a retired police officer, in 2014.

Boards of Education

Arcadia Unified School District — In a race for three seats, the top three finishers were incumbent Kay Kinsler with 29.66 percent (4,628), CRE investments manager Shirley Yee with 24.36 percent (3,800) and public safety manager Raymond Cheung with 17.57 percent (2,742). Also running were incumbent Cung Tuan Nguyen (15.91 percent, 2,482) and special education aide Roshan Akula (12.50 percent, 1,950).

Garvey School District — In a race for two seats, former school board member Maureen Chin was first with 43.50 percent (2,501) and former Rosemead mayor and former school board member Bobbi Bruesch was second with 33.88 percent (1,948). Sanchez Elementary School PTA President Paul Michael Duran was third with 22.63 percent (1,301).

Los Angeles County Superior Court

Office No. 42 — California Deputy Attorney General Linda Sun finished with 56.69 percent (718,333), ahead of Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Robert “Bob” Villa with 43.31 percent (548,890).

Office No. 141 — Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Lana Kim ran unopposed, receiving 1,069,554 votes.

Office No. 162 — Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Scott Andrew Yang led with 49.40 percent (599,665), followed by attorney/adjunct professor David Diamond with 30.53 percent (371,838) and attorney/radio producer Caree Annette Harper with 19.97 percent (242,433).

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