The following announcement is from Kizuna.

“A new reading is coming your way parents, families, kids, and young at heart!

“Our executive director, Stephanie Nitahara, will be reading selections from the late Florence Sakade’s ‘Japanese Children’s Favorite Stories’ at 4 p.m. PST on Wednesday, April 15 via Zoom. The book shares a plethora of Japanese traditional tales, revised and adapted to engage young children. These include ‘Peach Boy,’ the story of a boy named Momotaro and his trusty dog, as well as ‘The Magic Teakettle,’ the tale of an old priest and a magic tanuki.

“The recommended age range is 5 years old and above, but all are welcome to join. After two weeks of telling stories about World War II incarceration, these will highlight a more positive and warm aspect of Japanese American culture.

“For security purposes, we now require attendees to complete a one-minute registration for our readings, so please follow the link below to reserve your spot. And, please share this post to spread the word about the reading.”

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