Yuriko Lily Shinohara

Yuriko Lily Shinohara, 99 years old, passed away on February 14, 2021, in Tomball, Texas. She was the widow of Taira Shinohara.

Born January 3, 1922 in Compton, California, she was the daughter of Tokuzo Iriye and Shizuno Minoda.
Her stepfather was Motoichi Oku. She was the third child of eight children: 1) Katherine Murayama; 2) Henry Iriye; 3) Yuriko Shinohara; 4) Tsuginori Iriye; 5) Marienne Sone; 6) Grace Omori; 7) Jack Oku; and
8) George Oku.

She was an active member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. She left California in March 2016 to live with her son Austin and his family in Texas.

She is survived by her 2 sons, Michael and his wife Louise Shinohara and Austin and his wife Tania Shinohara; 7 grandchildren: Mark Shinohara, Michele and husband Jim Hunt, Andrea and her husband Craig Andersen, Brian and his wife Kristen Shinohara, Hideo and his wife Minh Shinohara, Caitlin McCartney, and Connor McCartney; and 12 great-grandchildren: Christina Nguyen, Erin and her husband Carlos Colima, Kyle Nguyen, Alyssa Nguyen, Jordan Willem, Dylan Shinohara, Keira Shinohara, Leonardo Shinohara, Jayce Blake, Alex Shinohara, Lilah Shinohara, and Ethan Andersen.

The memorial service will be held virtually (TBA), and the burial of ashes will be held at a later date and time in Los Angeles, California, due to COVID-19.