Earlier this year, Artists at Play produced “Question 27, Question 28” by Chay Yew, directed by Jully Lee, in partnership with the Japanese American National Museum for their Oshogatsu Family Festival.

Artists at Play is proud to re-release the video performance, available until May 21, in celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Go to: http://bit.ly/Q27Q28

What were the experiences of Japanese American women in the World War II concentration camps? How did they keep hope alive for themselves, their families, and community? “Question 27, Question 28” uses actual interviews and testimonials to tell their stories of hardship, determination, and love.

The title refers to a controversial and divisive loyalty questionnaire administered in the camps.

The cast includes Linda Igarashi, Yumi Iwama, Stephanie T. Keefer and Helen H. Ota.

This presentation is an abridged version of the original “docuplay,” which has been shortened and edited for families. Additional learning materials also available.

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