Tú Thi Kamon, 75, of Kiến An, Vietnam, passed away May 2, 2021. George Hideo Kamon, 75, of Santa Maria, Calif. passed away August 28, 2021. Both passed peacefully of natural causes.

George and Tú Kamon met in Vietnam where Tú was born, and George was stationed as a member of the U.S. Army. Once married, the two lived in California and raised a beautiful family. Adventures included family Pismo Beach trips, cramming all the cousins into a single car/room, Disneyland, and fishing trips! Tú was a true entrepreneur envisioning and launching her own business and as she put it, “began the dried food craze!” George and Tú were well known and loved at the various farmer’s markets across Southern California. George had a long accounting career culminating with service to his nation again working for the IRS.

Although times were often tough, the two managed to provide food, shelter, and above all else love for their children. They will be forever loved, forever remembered, and forever missed.

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