Join Tatsuo Ryusei Inouye’s daughter, Nancy Kyoko Oda, in a conversation around a groundbreaking new book, “Tule Lake Stockade Diary,” on Saturday, March 26, from 2 to 4 p.m.

The diary, originally written in Japanese and translated into English, sheds light on Inouye’s fight for dignity during a three-month struggle in a freezing, chaotic high-security stockade during World War II. He drew inner strength from his judo training.

Photos include images from the 1932 Olympics judo team, war years, and reunification of the broken family. Artwork by his daughter Ernie Jane Masako Nishii is included. She was a delicate four-year-old whose healing finally began as she shaped her memories in clay 70 years later.

Guest panelists: Soji Kashiwagi and Jean Paul deGuzman, Ph.D.

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Sponsored by San Fernando Valley Japanese American Citizens League.

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