In the aftermath of efforts to place homeless individuals in transitional housing throughout the Downtown Los Angeles area, the city has declared an area in Little Tokyo a “special enforcement zone,” effective April 11.

A sign states that Toriumi Plaza is a Special Enforcement Zone.

Toriumi Plaza and Aiso Parking Garage, located at 111 E. First St., is one of five zones identified in a resolution passed by the City Council, which states, “No person shall sit, lie, sleep, or allow items to remain in the public right of way” within 500 feet or 1,000, depending on the zone.

Other enforcement zones include properties adjacent to or within El Pueblo, Broadway and northbound 101 Freeway, 711 N. Alameda, and 310 N. Main St.

On March 18, activists clashed with representatives from city agencies who launched a multi-agency cleanup effort to enforce existing ordinances aimed at homeless encampments.

The L.A. Department of Transportation, which manages the city-owned Toriumi Plaza and Aiso Parking Garage, will be conducting deferred maintenance and repair work — electrical, landscaping, permanent fencing, and other ancillary work — in the months to come.

Future plans include activating the plaza for the benefit of the Little Tokyo community.

The plaza is the site of the “Three Japantowns” monument, which has counterparts in San Francisco and San Jose. The monument was previously located across the street in the courtyard of Union Center for the Arts.

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