Ryutaro Kasuga shows CBS LA a bullet hole in the trunk of his car.

A man whose family was targeted in a car-to-car shooting on the 110 Freeway in Carson is speaking to local media about his experience.

The incident occurred on April 2 when Ryutaro Kasuga, his wife, their daughter and her friends were driving northbound on the 110 near the Sepulveda exit, en route to Carlsbad.

“It was a day that was supposed to be fun and exciting, and it turned into a nightmare almost,” Kasuga told CBS LA. He also authorized The Rafu to share his story.

He said that he shifted lanes, attempting to get out of the way, when a man driving a silver Toyota Camry sped toward his car. But the man began to tailgate him and pulled out a gun.

“My daughter’s friend’s mom saw the gun and she immediately started screaming, and I just saw fear in my girl’s face,” Kasuga said. Everyone ducked and heard three gunshots. One shot hit the trunk. “I just remember three ‘boom, boom, boom,’ and one of them was like a clank.”

Kasuga showed CBS LA the bullet hole.

Although everyone was shaken up by the ordeal, Kasuga said he feels lucky that the bullets didn’t hit anyone, especially since there have recently been other L.A.-area freeway shootings in which people were injured or killed.

Kasuga said he hopes that no one else is victimized by these random acts of violence. “I’m more shocked at the fact that people can just shoot a weapon at anything or anybody  … I don’t think they are really thinking about the consequences.”

The California Highway Patrol is investigating but so far no suspects have been identified.

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