Tommie Nakagiri has kicked off the annual Nakagiri Fishing Tournament by reelin’ in a 3-lb, 3-oz rainbow trout on Day 1 (June 20) from the shore at Big Virginia Lake in the Eastern Sierras, with cousin Emliy Kariya assisting with the net. 

Raiden Wake (2 years old) helps his dad (Darren) hold his first catch of the day. 

The following day, cousin Owen (5 years old) caught his BIG rainbow trout, weighing in at 3 lbs, 9 oz, at Little Virginia Lake, with support from his dad (Dean), using an orange mouse tail for bait. 

Few days later, Owen catches another 3-pounder, while his little brother Nolan cheers him on. Owen was hoping his luck continued, while float tubing together with Dad. (Owen’s biggest:  4 lbs, 3 oz in 2019.)

— Submitted by Yuki Nakagiri

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