The 2022 Tigers Invitational Basketball Tournament was held over Memorial Day weekend at several SoCal locations. Below are the official final results.

Girls 2nd Grade Grade

Champion: NYS OMG

Second: VFW Firebolts

Consolation: FOR Extreme

Girls 3rd Grade Gold

Champion: FOR Blue Waves

Second: NYS Blue Ninjas

Girls 3rd Grade Silver

Champion: NYS Tsunami

Second: FOR Local Motion

Girls 4th Grade Gold

Champion: OCO Mangos

Second: WLA Impact

Girls 4th Grade Silver

Champion: Tigers Storm

Second: Lightning Yoshis

Girls 4th Grade Bronze

Champion: HD Rainbow Katanas

Second: VFW Swish

Girls 5th Grade

Champion: Tigers Gems

Second: FOR Monarchs

Consolation: Bruins Rainbow Warriors

Girls 6th Grade Gold

Champion: VFW Heart & Hustle

Second: WLA Reign

Cons.: Wanjettes Rainbow Warriors

Girls 6th Grade Silver

Champion: Love&Tigers

Second: HD Kolohe Girls

Girls 7th Grade

Champion: Tigers Angels

Second: VFW Girls on Fire

Third: HD Crush

Consolation: SFV Shooting Stars

Girls 8th Grade

Champion: SF Emeralds

Second: Tigers Charm

Consolation: OCO Sakura

Girls Prep 9th Grade Upper

Champion: FOR Sparklers

Second: Tigers Swish

Consolation: HD Roxy Girlz

Girls Prep 9th Grade Lower

Champion: Foster City Flyers

Second: VFW Cherry Bombs

Girls Prep 10th Grade Upper

Champion: Royal Tigers

Second: LH Girls

Girls Prep 10th Grade Lower

Champion: SFV Aloha Girls

Second: Bruin Hula Hoops

Girls Prep 11th Grade Upper

Champion: FOR Remix

Second: San Jose Ninjas

Consolation: Tigers Blitz

Girls Prep 11th Grade Lower

Champion: VYC Sparks

Second: Bruins Dolphins

Girls Prep 12th Grade

Champion: Tigers Starz

Second: Venice Wildcats

Boys 2nd Grade Gold

Champion: FOR Wolfpack

Second: VFW Mambas

Boys 2nd Grade Silver

Champion: SFV Raptors

Second: Bruins Legends 2

Boys 3rd Grade Gold

Champion: Tigers Runnin Rebels

Second: FOR Showtime

Third: WLA Heat

Consolation: SF Associates

Boys 3rd Grade Silver

Champion: FOR BNB

Second: Bruins Knights

Third: SFV Tigers

Consolation: FOR Bad Boyz

Boys 3rd Grade Bronze

Champion: VFW Kingsmen

Second: FOR Ninjas

Boys 4th Grade Gold

Champion: FOR Razors

Second: VYC Shoguns

Third: Tigers Mayhem

Consolation: ROR Reapers

Boys 4th Grade Silver

Champion: SFV Shinobi Slayers

Second: WLA Red Storm

Third: WPC Tidalwaves

Consolation: VFW Dragon Lakers

Boys 4th Grade Bronze

Champion: Bruins Katanas

Second: WLA Lakers

Boys 5th Grade Gold

Champion: Mustang Monstars

Second: FOR Blue Chips

Consolation: WLA Ninjas

Boys 5th Grade Silver

Champion: SFV Dominators

Second: NYS Blizzard

Third: VFW Vipers

Consolation: WLA Sharks

Boys 6th Grade Gold

Champion: Jets Warriors

Second: FOR Kingsmen

Third: Sabers Lightning Warriors

Consolation: VFW Hoop Dreams

Boys 6th Grade Silver

Champion: HD Warriors

Second: Bruins Lightning

Consolation: Tigers Elite

Boys 6th Grade Bronze

Champion: Mustang Chargers

Second: WLA Dragon Fury

Boys 7th Grade Gold

Champion: WPC Wolverines

Second: FOR Hot Shots

Boys 7th Grade Silver

Champion: Bruins Thunder 4

Second: Mustangs Lightning

Boys 7th Grade Bronze

Champion: Sabers Legends

Second: Tigers Extreme

Boys 7th Grade Copper

Champion: VYC Rockets

Second: WLA Dragons

Boys 8th Grade Gold

Champion: Tigers Night Fury

Second: Tigers Rebels

Boys 8th Grade Silver

Champion: Bruins Ninja Warriors

Seoncd: FOR Clippers

Third: NYS Aces

Consolation: Sabers Awakens

Boys 8th Grade Bronze

Champion: Evergreen Na Koa

Second: SFV Supersonics

Boys Prep 9th Grade Upper

Champion: WLA Warriors

Second: WPC Raptors

Third: Tiger Titans

Consolation: HD Clippers

Boys Prep 9th Grade Lower

Champion: VFW Redhawks

Second: FOR Razorbacks

Boys Prep 10th Grade Upper

Champion: HD Wolfpack

Second: Tigers Thunder

Boys Prep 10th Grade Lower

Champion: Tigers Aces

Second: WPC Falcons

Boys Prep 11th Grade Upper

Champion: HD Ninjas

Second: Bruins Sharks

Consolation: Evergreen Eagles

Boys Prep 11th Grade Lower

Champion: Tiger Jedi

Second SFV Blakers

Boys Prep 12th Grade Upper

Champion: OCBC Taiyo

Second: HD Thunder

Third: Evergreen Ninjas

Consolation: NYS Blue Hawks

Boys Prep 12th Grade Lower

Champion: HD Dragons

Second: Alpha Tigers

Consolation: VFW Xtreme

Women’s Open

Champion: Ninjas

Second: Let It Fly

Women’s Aye Plus Gold

Champion: Ball and Brew

Second: Scrubs

Women’s Aye Plus Silver

Champion: Boba Ballers

Second: Hungry Tigerettes

Women’s Aye Plus Bronze

Champion: Kanak Attack

Second: Mike’s Imperial

Consolation: Tigerettes Aye

Men’s Aye Gold

Champion: Sacramento Barons

Second: Condoggies

Consolation: Tigers Lightning

Men’s Aye Silver

Champion: Tigers Terror

Second: Hodori

Third: San Francisco Drakes White

Consolation: Bricklayers

Men’s Aye Bronze

Champion: Chicken Express

Second: Centinela Celtics Black

Cons.: San Francisco Drakes Orange

Men’s Masters Open

Champion: Yellow Storm

Second: He>1

Men’s Masters Classic

Champion: M.I. Westside Tigers

Second: The Usual Suspects

Men’s Master Antique Upper

Champion: Silent But Deadly

Second: Blue Devils

Men’s Master Antique Lower

Champion: Black Gatos

Second: South Bay FOR Rebels

Men’s Master Seniors

Champion: Hollenbeck Old School

Second: Higashi MF

Consolation: Sakae Sushi

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