The winners in the Mixed Doubles brackets included, from left: James Ho and Denise Matsumoto (silver); Naomi Sugiura and Mark Sugiura (gold); Cathy Trinh and Noe Viera (bronze). (Photos courtesy Willie Lou)

The Nikkei Games Tennis Turnament continued 10 years of community fun and competition last weekend, with matches at Garden Grove High School.

Mixed Doubles A winners, from left: Desmond Tamaki and Nancy Stone (silver); Amy Nguyen and Dennis Ho (gold); Dylan La and Magan La (bronze).

Following are the official results, courtesy of tournament director Willie Lou.

Boys Singles A

gold: Kaden Sasaki

silver: Ethan Tran

bronze: Nolan Quach

Boys Singles B

gold: Nathan Lin

silver: Tri Nguyen

bronze: Daniel Lin

Coed Singles A

gold: Jacob Wynn

silver: Sophia Martinez

bronze: Madison Ngo

Mens Doubles B1

gold: Paul Honda / Alan Shindo

silver: Eric Vuong / Cody Pham

bronze: Son Le / Dylan Le

Mens Doubles B2

gold: Kaden Sasaki / Kirk Sasaki

silver: Ryo Taketomi / James Ho

bronze: Andrew Tournay / Noe Viera

Coed Doubles A

gold: Victor Pham / Jacob Wynn

silver: Tiffany Huynh / Karen Trinh

bronze: Dan Le / Dylan La

Boys Doubles C

gold: Andrew Tournay / Thomas Nguyen

silver: Vincent Ly / Long Nguyen

bronze: Kenneth Rodriguez / Tony Nguyen

Womens Doubles

gold: Shane Chung / Lauren Ushijima

silver: Amanda Mai / Madison Ngo

bronze: Kaitlyn Tran / Minh Thu Truong

bronze: Camellia Le / Jolena Le

Mixed Doubles A

gold: Amy Nguyen / Dennis Ho

silver: Nancy Stone / Desmond Tamaki

bronze: Dylan La / Magan La

Mixed Doubles B1

gold: Naomi Sugiura / Mark Sugiura

silver: Denise Matsumoto / James Ho

bronze: Noe Viera / Cathy Trinh

Mixed Doubles B2

gold: Karin Oyadomari / Ryan Oyadomari

silver: Anne Umamoto / Mike Umamoto

bronze: Anh Ly / Mark Pham

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