Three generations of Asian Americans share a message of unity at the “Love Our Communities: Stop Asian Hate” rally on March 13, 2021. (MARIO GERSHOM REYES/Rafu Shimpo)

The Rafu Shimpo has been dedicated to sharing the Japanese American experience for over 119 years. We are intimately aware of the impact that hate incidents can have on our community.

Since 1903, we have reported on anti-Japanese and anti-Asian discrimination in the United States and as reported hate crimes have reached record highs, we have partnered with the California State Library in order to increase the scope of our reporting.

The Rafu Shimpo will be producing seven special add-ons to our daily issue. Each add-on will cover hate incidents both historical and contemporary, and will be released at the end of each month from September to March.

Our Stop the Hate coverage will culminate in a special Stop the Hate Issue to be released during AAPI Heritage Month, May 2023. This special issue will be available throughout California absolutely free of charge.

In order to accomplish this, we need your help. We at The Rafu understand that reporting or reliving a traumatic experience can be harrowing, but we believe it is imperative to bring light to these deplorable events. If you have a hate incident you would like to report or a story of generational trauma you would like to share, please contact our digital editor by email,

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