November 11, 1924 – September 25, 2022

Alice Chiyeko Shiosaka was born in Seattle, but was in Japan on December 7, 1941. She was trapped in Japan for the duration of World War II, narrowly surviving a firebombing. During occupation, she worked for the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal, where she met and married Kenjiro Akune in 1948. 

Alice Akune (1924-2022) died at home in Gardena, surrounded by family.  She is
survived by her husband of 74 years, Kenjiro Akune; 5 children: Karen Akune, David Akune, Kenneth Akune (Yvonne Romaine), Teresa Akune, and Kathleen Choi; plus 2 grandchildren: Kyle Choi (Margaret Li Choi) and Amy Choi.
(213) 626-0441

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