An offering ceremony for Wakana Kimura’s newly painted large-scale Buddha’s Nirvana on traditional Japanese handmade paper and with a traditional Japanese handmade scroll will take place on Sunday, Feb. 19, at 11 a.m. at Zenshuji Soto Mission, a 100-year-old Zen Buddhist temple, 123 S. Hewitt St. in the Arts District of Los Angeles.

Kimura was commissioned to create this painting illustrating the death of the Buddha, which took six years to complete.

In conjunction with the offering, there will be an eye-opening Kaigen-Hoyo, a traditional ceremony to consecrate a newly made Buddhist image by inserting the eyes, thereby investing it with soul.

Admission is free. This special ceremony and one-day exhibition will be held on the day of Nirvana. The work, which will be on view until 5 p.m., will be unveiled only once a year.


Photos courtesy of Wakana Kimura

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