WASHINGTON – In an appearance on Fox News on Feb. 22, Rep. Lance Gooden’s (R-Texas) questioned Rep. Judy Chu’s (D-Pasadena) competence and loyalty to the U.S.

Rep. Lance Gooden

Responding to Chu’s defense of Biden appointee Dominic Ng against allegations that he was tied to the Communist Party, Gooden stated that he questions either her “loyalty or competence” and that he is “really disappointed and shocked that someone like Judy Chu would have a security clearance and entitled to confidential intelligence briefings until this is figured out.” 

Ng, a Chinese American banker, was appointed to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’s Business Advisory Council.

The Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC), which Chu chairs, issued the following statement:

“Insinuating that Chair Chu is disloyal to the United States because she is Chinese American is categorically wrong. This type of racist targeting and profiling of Chinese Americans by right-wing extremists is not only xenophobic, it is incredibly dangerous. After centuries of being targeted for not being ‘American enough’ and viewed with suspicion based on looking ‘foreign,’ this type of insinuation and fear mongering only further endangers our communities.

“We hope Republican House leadership will join us in condemning these kinds of attacks on Chinese Americans, elected or otherwise.”

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Manhattan Beach) tweeted, “Dear Lance Gooden: I served in the U.S. military (unlike you) to defend your right to say stupid, racist sh*t. Attacking the loyalty of Asian Americans like Rep. Judy Chu is a racist trope that has harmed Asian Americans throughout U.S. history. Stop harming Americans of Asian descent.”

Rep. Mark Takano (D-Riverside) tweeted, “Baseless, xenophobic, and blatantly racist attacks against Rep. Judy Chu by extreme MAGA Republicans are right out of their anti-American playbook. Rep. Chu is an exceptional public servant and leader. House GOP leadership: it’s past time to hold your conference accountable.”

The Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) also condemned  Gooden’s remarks. In a statement, CAIR-LA Executive Director Hussam Ayloush said:  

“As an elected representative of the United States, it is Rep. Gooden’s duty to uphold the values of unity, tolerance and inclusivity. Instead, his xenophobic comments add more fuel to the fire of hatred that threatens to consume our nation.  

“The AAPI community already faces unfounded mistrust and rampant discrimination from bigoted individuals. It is irresponsible for a representative of the people to sow seeds of doubt about Rep. Judy Chu’s loyalty and dedication to serving our country solely because of her ethnicity. This apparently racist behavior trickles down into our communities and sets the tone for how individuals interact with each other.  

“We ask that Rep. Gooden provide a good example for the people he serves by apologizing for his harmful remarks about Rep. Chu.”   

To report any bias incidents, contact CAIR-LA’s Civil Rights Department at (714) 776-1177 or click here to file a report: https://ca.cair.com/losangeles/what-we-do/legal-services/report-an-incident/      

CAIR-LA is Southern California’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, protect civil rights, promote justice and empower American Muslims.    

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