The pictures certainly tell the story for Sarah Fukui on her maiden tuna fishing charter, Sept. 18-20 aboard the American Angler out of San Diego.

Sailing with a group that included dad Jerry, Sarah landed a huge grouper and four tuna, including an 80-pound bluefin.

As it was her first trip to fish out on the open ocean, she was certainly feeling the effects of the rolling seas in the beginning, but had quite a handsome catch by the end of the excursion.

Also joining the fun were Sarah’s cousins, her uncle Mark Suyetsugu, Jeff and Sean Yamane, Dave Kodama, Glenn Nakatani, Matthew Suyetsugu, Kevin Kohler, Leiton Hashimoto, Douglas Ohori, Dave Thomas and Jerry’s cousin Tommy Dyo, along with other friends.

Above, Sarah and Matthew catch some sun on deck. Below, father and daughter show off the monster tuna.

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