JAO Invitational Girls’ Basketball League
2012 Winter Schedule – as of 12/15/11
Midget Bronze Lower
San Gabriel – Court 2

January 8
9:00 HD Starlights vs Bruins Happy Shoyu
10:00 Mustang Dynamite vs WLA Comets
11:00 Tigers Dream vs Evergreen Sparks

January 15
12:00 WLA Comets vs Evergreen Sparks
1:00 HD Starlights vs Mustang Dynamite
2:00 Bruins Happy Shoyu vs Tigers Dream

January 22
9:00 Mustangs Dynamite vs Tigers Dream
10:00 Bruins Happy Shoyu vs Evergreen Sparks
11:00 HD Starlights vs WLA Comets

January 29
12:00 Mustang Dynamite vs Evergreen Sparks
1:00 Bruins Happy Shoyu vs WLA Comets
2:00 HD Starlights vs Tigers Dream

February 5
9:00 HD Starlights vs Evergreen Sparks
10:00 Bruins Happy Shoyu vs Mustang Dynamite
11:00 WLA Comets vs Tigers Dream

February 12
9:00 Evergreen Sparks vs Tigers Dream
10:00 WLA Comets vs Mustang Dynamite
11:00 Bruins Happy Shoyu vs HD Starlights

February 19
12:00 Mustang Dynamite vs HD Starlights
1:00 Tigers Dream vs Bruins Happy Shoyu
2:00 Evergreen Sparks vs WLA Comets

February 26
9:00 Tigers Dream vs Mustang Dynamite
10:00 WLA Comets vs HD Starlights
11:00 Evergreen Sparks vs Bruins Happy Shoyu

March 4
12:00 Evergreen Sparks vs Mustang Dynamite
1:00 WLA Comets vs Bruins Happy Shoyu
2:00 Tigers Dream vs HD Starlights

March 11
9:00 Tigers Dream vs WLA Comets
10:00 Mustang Dynamite vs Bruins Happy Shoyu
11:00 Evergreen Sparks vs HD Starlights

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