From left: Samuel Chiu, 18, second place; Deven Nadudvari, 17, first place; James Hamory, third place. (MARIO G. REYES/Rafu Shimpo)

As part of the 2013 Nisei Week festivities in Little Tokyo, a Rubik’s Cube competition, sanctioned by the World Cube Association, was held Aug. 17 in JACCC Plaza.

While Rubik’s Cube may be an impossible challenge for most people, veteran cubers can solve it in a matter of seconds, and some can even do it while blindfolded.

The top three winners were:

Deven Nadudvari (U.S.), 10.77 (best time), 11.42 (average of five rounds)

Samuel Chiu (U.S.), 10.05 (best time), 11.55 (average)

James Hamory (U.S.), 10.56 (best time), 11.68 (average)

Rounding out the top 10 in the finals were:

Phillip Espinoza (U.S.), 10.03, 11.70

Chia-Wei Lu (Taiwan), 9.46, 11.75

Nathan Soria (U.S.), 11.38, 12.37

Neil Morales (U.S.), 10.21, 12.51

Daniel De Vera (U.S.), 12.44, 12.95

Weston Mizumoto (U.S.), 10.90, 13.01

Cameron Brown (U.S.), 10.88, 13.05

In the blindfolded category, Tim Wong (U.S.) finished in 41.66 seconds, followed by Weston Mizumoto, who finished in 1 minute and 51.16 seconds.

The other competitors, who did not finish, were Cameron Brown, Chia-Wei Lu, Deven Nadudvari, Guanda Fu (China), Michael Young (U.S.), and Steven Turner (U.S.).

Other countries represented in the Little Tokyo competition were Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, Korea and Mexico.

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