keiro centenariansKeiro’s Hyakusai Club, made up of residents 100 or older, held its monthly gathering at the Intermediate Care Facility in Boyle Heights on Thursday. The centenarians eat Japanese snacks, drink high-quality sencha and talk amongst themselves. Pictured from left (with age, birthplace and generation): Michie Sakatani, 102, Kukui Haele, Hawaii, Kibei Nisei; Yasuko Hattori, 101, Osaka, Shin Issei; Pauline Sakata, 100, Bowles, Calif., Nisei; Jack Kunitomi, 100, Los Angeles, Nisei; Shigeko Kishimoto, 100, Gardena, Kibei Nisei; Kiyono Shigetomi, 108, Hiroshima, Issei. (Photo by Yumi Yuge)

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