TORRANCE — “47 Ronin, Part 1” (1941), directed by Kenji Mizoguchi, will be screened on Sunday, Feb. 16, at 5 p.m. at Faith United Methodist Church, 2115 W. 182nd St., Torrance.

A feudal lord, Asano Naganori, is ordered to commit seppuku by the shogun and his castle is confiscated. Years later, a group of samurai take it upon themselves to avenge the death of their lord by killing Kira Yoshinaka, a shogunate official. Adapted from a kabuki play by Seika Mayama, which was based on a true story.

Japanese title: 元禄 忠臣蔵Genroku Chūshingura

Part 2 will be shown next month.

Free admission and popcorn. Shot reflection after screening. Japanese Movie Night every third Sunday of the month. Info: (310) 217-7000,

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