Former Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan listens during a gathering at Far Bar in Little Tokyo on Feb. 28 to promote the presidential campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden.

“We’re up against real odds right now, and we need to make sure people understand what’s at stake and get out to vote,” said Kwan, who served as a public diplomacy ambassador in both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations.

Biden had a very good night on Super Tuesday, but votes counted so far show that Bernie Sanders won the California primary.

Also attending the event were Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees member Mike Fong (smiling at right) and California Deputy Attorney General Linda Sun, who was running for Office 42 of Los Angeles County Superior Court in the March 3 election. The latest results show her ahead of L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Robert Villa, 56.53 percent to 43.47 percent.


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