SEYO Winter Season 2022 : Weekly Results v3
SEYO Basketball Results for February 20, 2022
(SEYO does not publish scores for Boys 2nd Grade and Girls 2nd Grade)
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Boys 3rd Grade

WPC Grapes7NYS Blazers12
WPC Wildcats10OCBC Cobras24
VFW Kingsmen16OCO Fireballs37
NYS Young Bucs12OCBC Dragons38
OCO Ronin Thunderwolves

Boys 4th Grade White

OCBC Orcas18WPC Purple Raptors46
VFW Dragon Lakers15OCBC Ender Dragons6
WPC Ruckus46NYS Ninjas19

Boys 4th Grade Blue

VFW Thunderstrike18OCO Kings43
OCO All-Stars23WPC Tidalwaves31

Boys 5th Grade White

WPC Tigers39NYS Warriors25
OCO Panthers19VFW Vipers27
VFW Bulls24OCO Cheetahs15

Boys 5th Grade Blue

OCBC Asteroids39AFMC Flash24
OCBC Gators9VFW Blazers23
NYS Blizzard

Boys 6th Grade White

WPC Blazers19AFMC Defenders32
OCBC Warriors26NYS Cyclones28
OCBC Supersonics30VFW Elite15

Boys 6th Grade Blue

OCO Orange PhantomsvsVFW Hoop Dreams
NYS WolfpackvsWPC Bruin Ballers

Boys 7th Grade White

OCO Timberwolves15VFW Scorpions45
NYS Spartans14OCBC Green Ninjas52
WPC Purple Knights

Boys 7th Grade Blue

VFW Alley Oopers24VFW Force31
OCO Warriors39WPC Wolverines35

Boys 8th Grade White

VFW Fireballs65WPC Bolts22
OCO Warriors32WPC Transformers42

Boys 8th Grade Blue

NYS Wolverines43VFW Red Hawks44
NYS Aces28WPC Bruins43

Girls 3rd Grade White

NYS Tsunami14WPC Nighthawks23
VFW Dragonflies6OCO Neon Pandas27

Girls 3rd Grade Blue

FOR Blue Wave22Tigers Hoopsters2
Venice Rascals26FOR Local Motion15
NYS Blue Ninjas20Jetts Sparkles11

Girls 4th Grade

VFW Swish3NYS Galaxy Girls19
NYS Blue Hearts9WPC Firecrackers27
OCBC Yoshis10Saberettte Shooting Stars11
OCO Tigers12WLA Impact33
WPC Storm15OCO Orange Mangos19

Girls 5th Grade

WPC Shooting Stars9Tigers Wild28
NYS Force10VFW Supersonics38
OCO Lightning Bolts15Bruins Rainbow Warriors39
VFW Pandas9WPC Lava Girls29
OCBC Green Dragons

Girls 6th Grade

WLA Herricanes21VFW Heart & Hustle25
NYS Phoenix31VFW Fireblast14
WPC Wahine Warriors36JETTS Sweet Elites28
FOR Hula Stars

Girls 7th Grade

FOR Wonder Girls20NYS Sparks26
VFW Girls on Fire35WPC Dunkin Donuts23
Mustangs Shooting Stars6VFW Truth34
OCBC Fireworks13OCO Heat19
WPC Kawaii Shooters31OCO Storm48

Girls 8th Grade

FOR Mochi Monsters48NYS Starbursts19
OCO Sakura White24OCO Sakura Blue44
NYS Elite

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*SEYO does not publish scores for Boys 2nd Grade and Girls 2nd Grade

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