From left: Ed Philipp, DRev. r. Marion Park, Hatsune Izumi, Dr. Kats Izumi, Marilyn Philipp.

LONG BEACH — The 2021-2022 Kimi Sugiyama Human Service Awards were recently presented during a special event at Grace First Presbyterian Church in Long Beach. 

The recipients were Rick Hind of Long Beach; Grace Kim of Seal Beach; Dr. Kats and Hatsune Izumi of Long Beach; and Dr. Cheryl White of Long Beach. 

Rev. Dr. Marion Park and Sugiyama Award Co-Chairs Ed and Marilyn Phillip made the presentations to the recipients.

From left: Rev. Dr. Marion Park, Dr. Cheryl White, Ed Philipp, Marilyn Philipp.

In loving memory of their mother, Kimi Sugiyama’s children established the award, which is presented annually to a member of the community in recognition of outstanding creativity and self-sacrifice in extending God’s love to others. Sugiyama was a pioneer member of the Japanese Presbyterian Church in Long Beach and a pivotal figure in the Japanese American community in Long Beach, where she was instrumental in helping many Japanese workers who had little or no understanding of the English language or of American labor rights.

From left: Ed Philipp, Grace Kim, Rick Hind, Marilyn Philipp.

Rick Hind was a bridge between Lakewood First Presbyterian Church and Grace Presbyterian Church when the two churches merged in 2003 and became Grace First Presbyterian Church. 

Dr. Kats and Hatsune Izumi focus their attention on mission, outreach, and demonstrating God’s love to others.

Grace S. Kim has worked diligently for six years to free an innocent Korean immigrant convicted of murder and continues to demonstrate the importance of speaking out against wrong.

Dr. Cheryl White is a leader in public education and continues to dedicate her service at both the church and the presbytery levels and is an active participant in Community Outreach in Action, which aids the homeless.

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