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The annual Anime Expo Charity Auction has returned to the Los Angeles Convention Center. Attendees were given the opportunity to bid on impressive anime-related swag with all proceeds benefiting the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center (JACCC).

Anime Expo’s parent organization, The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA), has supported numerous nonprofits, including Little Tokyo’s own Japanese American National Museum.

Attendees browsing the auction items while AX staff prepares. (SOPHIA COLE / Rafu Shimpo)

The SPJA has partnered with JACCC as part of a year-long expansion of their charity recipient program.

“We are excited to broaden our support of nonprofits in our community such as JACCC through our new partnership program,” said Ray Chiang, SPJA CEO.

“JACCC is honored to be the recipient of SPJA’s Anime Expo Charity Auction, but more importantly, we’re thrilled for the opportunity to partner with SPJA,” said Patricia Wyatt, JACCC president and CEO. “We look forward to celebrating Japanese and Japanese American arts and culture together throughout the year.”

Anime Expo volunteers put up a banner drawn by artist Dominic Glover in the Los Angeles Convention Center onJuly 4. (SOPHIA COLE / Rafu Shimpo)

This year’s Anime Expo Charity Auction had a number of marquee items available for auction, including a massive banner by artist Dominic Glover. The banner, which featured various anime characters along with the Anime Expo mascots Xeno, Ai, Max, Kisegi, and Mahoko, took 208 hours to complete.

Many other items were available, including artwork signed by various Anime Expo guests of honor.

If you’d like to support JACCC, you can donate here or visit their website at https://jaccc.org/.

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