Front row: Brianne Hanamoto, Sarah Ando, Alyson Chang, Rev. John Iwohara.
Middle row: Kellie Yada, Rachel Wong, Jessica Sakamoto, Kimika Babinski.
Back row: Scott Wong, Patricia Hori, Skylar Babinski. (Karen Nakamura Photography


Between the rainy, flooding days, the sun came out and was shining brightly as Gardena Buddhist Church held its Seijinshiki on Jan. 15. The Seijinshiki was extra special for the participants as this is the first one to be held at the temple after a two-year absence.

Seijinshiki is a ceremony that commemorates one’s of coming of age (age of maturity), which reflects both the expanded rights but also increased responsibilities expected of new adults.

Alongside the beautiful weather outside, inside the temple were beautiful, colorful kimonos and obis, and regal, stylish hakamas worn by the participants. Rev. John Iwohara, GBC head minister, officiated the ceremony as the participants received certificates and commemorative gifts from Gardena Buddhist Church. 

Kay Inose conducted a traditional tea ceremony for the participants, and they also learned the proper performance and the history of the tea ceremony. 

Gardena Buddhist Church would like to express our appreciation to Kay Inose for the tea ceremony, Maruhachi USA for the kimono/hakama rentals and Karen Nakamura Photography for being the photographer.

Congratulations to the 2023 Seijinshiki participants!    

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