Judge Ernest Hiroshige, president of APA Friends of the Theater, joins actors Jully Lee and Ryun Yu, who are featured in “Coleman ’72” — now running at the South Coast Repertory Theater in Costa Mesa — at an Asian Pacific Islander reception for the new play on April 30. The cast also includes Paul Juhn, Jessica Ko, and Tess Lina.

Korean American playwright Charlie Oh wrote “Coleman,” a comedy about a Korean American family that takes a car trip across America, based on his family’s experiences during a road trip in the 1970s and the “dissonance of being the only family eating kimbap at a campsite full of white families eating ham and cheese sandwiches.”

APA Friends of the Theater, which was formed to support the development of the theater arts skills of APA actors, writers, directors and other performers, highly recommends this play, which runs until May 14. Call (714) 708-5555 or visit www.scr.org for tickets.

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