The Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association (ESIA) is now hosting on their website a virtual tour of the Manzanar National Historic Site created by a Girl Scout. 

“Journey to Manzanar” patch

“Journey to Manzanar” includes virtual activities for students of any age to help immerse the participant in the various exhibitions at Manzanar. An originally designed “Journey to Manzanar” patch will be mailed to those who complete three or more activities.

“The Eastern Sierra interpretive Association was thrilled to partner with Nell Murphy on her Girl Scout Gold Award project,” said ESIA Executive Director Jeff Gabriel. “As the official nonprofit agency partner of Manzanar National Historic Site, it was a natural fit for ESIA to provide the support and eventually hosting of this very important initiative on our website.”

“Journey to Manzanar” was designed and produced by 18-year-old Nell Yukiye Murphy of Los Angeles, who has been a part of the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles since she was 5 years old. The website was Murphy’s Girl Scout Gold Award project, which is the highest honor a Girl Scout can earn.

Murphy explained, “I grew up learning about Manzanar because my parents brought me there many times to honor my grandfather, who was incarcerated in 1942. One day I realized that not everyone had that opportunity to see Manzanar or appreciate how its history forces us to look in the mirror at ourselves. Now, I want to take others there, with the goal of empowering as many people as possible to lead on the topic.”

“Journey to Manzanar” and ESIA joined forces with the National Park Service at Manzanar. “I have known Nell since she was a toddler,” said Alisa Lynch, Manzanar’s team lead for interpretation and visitor services. “It was an honor and a joy to collaborate with her to bring her family’s story — and those of many others — to life. Nell introduces Manzanar — a physical place and a place in history — but also tackles complex and controversial issues in a way that is accessible to people of all ages.”

The program is free and available to all at:

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  1. Brava Nell!…I’m just another person who’s so proud of the person you have become…strong genes in your family…😎

  2. I would think twice about this , the girl scouts of America. What was their great deed?