NORWALK — Pink’s, a Hollywood legend since 1939, is providing “great dogs for a great cause” on Sunday, March 19, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Southeast Japanese School and Community Center, 14615 S. Gridley Rd., Norwalk.

The event is a benefit for the Enomoto family, who own and operate Dakara Sushi in Whittier. Their daughter Maya was hospitalized on Jan. 3 after being diagnosed with brain cancer. A GoFundMe campaign established on her behalf has raised nearly $228,000 toward the goal of $250,000.

Maya Enomoto

Campaign organizer Miki Suzuki wrote, “If you have ever met Maya, she leaves quite an impression! She is always full of energy, spunky, and as friendly as a little ten-year-old could be. She would dance, sing, and tell us stories of everything that happened that day – and everything that didn’t that she wished would’ve happened! And now, to have the little spunky, sweet girl all quiet and in an ICU bed is heartbreaking.”

In an update on March 5, Suzuki wrote, “What an awesome community! Thank you to all of the supporters yesterday for coming out to the Handel’s ice cream fundraiser (at Dakara Sushi).

“If you came early, you may have caught a glimpse of Maya! She has been discharged and was able to gently mingle with her supporters. She was all smiles and super chatty until fatigue set in. She has a week and a half left of radiation treatments and she will be spending her weekdays back in San Diego with her parents. Results of the radiation therapy will come out in early April.” For more information, visit:

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